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No Phone orders.
Since many people did not pick up for phone orders,
we only take online orders for take-outs.
You can schedule order from the link below and pick up later.
Order Online
Thank you for your support.

No Reservations.
(Please sign in our tablet/online waiting list,
we will text you back when your seat is ready.
Tablets will be outside 30 min before opening.)
*We cannot accommodate parties larger than 6 people.

No Bike Parking
No Outside Seating
No Pets inside

We do:
Have Wheelchair Access
Take Credit Cards (visa, mastercard)
Have Parking on the Street or in the Private Lot
If you have any questions,
please email us

Location and Hours


8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste M San Diego CA 92111
(Located in the same mall as Daiso)
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To-go, Delivery, and Dine-in
Open 7 days
Last order:
Lunch: 11am-2pm
Mon-Sat: 5:30pm-9:30pm
Sun: 5pm-9pm
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*might not be able to answerduring in busy times.


8141 Mira Mesa Blvd San Diego CA 92126
(Located in the same mall as Target. Next to Music Central)
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To-go, Delivery and Dine-in
Open 7 days
Last Order:
Mon-Sun: 5pm-9pm
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690 University Ave CA 92103
(Located across a street from Wholefoods Hillcrest)
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To-go, Delivery and Dine-in
Close Tuesday
Diner only:5:00-10pm(LO)

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Organic Healthy Ramen San Diego

Menya Ultra Organic Wheat

- Special wheat flower we chose to make handpull noodles.

Homemade Noodles with Softly Scented Wheat
We make our homemade noodles with only salt and lye water. Our noodles contain no preservatives and artificial colors. Made daily, our noodles have a distinctive sweet wheat scent, springy and smooth texture that will suprise you.

Menya Ultra Umami Soup

- Enjoy the Taste of Umami

Tonkotsu Paitan Soup
Our signature soup is cooked over extreme high heat releasing the deep flavor of compressed Umami. Because we use the highest quality ingredients, no MSG is used. "Umami must come out naturally" This is the fundamental core in making the signature taste Menya Ultra is known for.

Menya Ultra Safe Ingredients

- Delicious and Healthy for Your Body

Roots of Menya Ultra
Mr Endo knows the importance in eating safe these days having experienced a food allergy. Like a mother, we prepare and use the highest quality ingredients as if we were cooking for our own children. Delicious and healthy food is important.For your well-being, this is root of what we believe in. We have devoted ourselves in delivering this to our customers every day for many years. Menya Ultra serves "Japanese Ramen" to you.

Our History

best ramen menya ultra ceo First ramen restaurant nishiki japan head office in Akita Japan

Our first store opened in the northern part of Japan in 1994 in Odate City.
Mr. Endo, The Ramen Master, has been cooking ramen for over 22 years for his local customers.
In 2009, Tohoku Japan (the Restaurant Rating Magazine) named Menya Ultra, the number one ramen store in Tohoku region of Japan.
From 2010-2013, we were awarded four number one awards at the prestigious Tokyo Ramen Show, the largest ramen event in the world. Currently, we have 9 stores in Japan and 2 in Taiwan that opened in 2016. We are excited about the opening of our newest location in San Diego, California, U.S.A. in early 2017.

  • 1994 Opened 1st Ramen shop in Odate, Akita
  • 1997 Opened 2nd Ramen shop in Odate, Akita
    (This is the Headquarters now)
  • 2003 Opened 3rd Ramen shop in Kitaakita, Akita
  • 2007 Opened 4th Ramen shop in Hirosaki, Aomori
  • 2008 Opened 5th Ramen shop in Akita, Akita
    Sold out the Collanb Instant Ramen with Circle K
  • 2009 Opened 6th Ramen shop in Akita, Akita
    Won 1st Prize at Tohoku Nigata Kyukyoku Ramen
    Won a 3rd Prize out of 10 of your favorite Tohoku Ramen at KHB broad cast
  • 2010 Opened 7th Ramen shop in Odate, Akita
    Won a 1st Prize of the Most Lined Up at Tokyo Ramen Show 2010
  • 2011 Won a 1st Prize of the Most Lined Up at Tokyo Ramen Show 2011
  • 2012 Opened 8th Ramen Shop in Akita, Akita Won a 1st Prize of the Most Lined Up at Tokyo Ramen Show 2012
  • 2013 Won a 1st Prize of the Best Seller, sold 7644 Ramen, at Tokyo Ramen Show 2013
    At OoTsuke-men exhevision 2013, sold out before the event is done.
    Became Director of Ramen Association Japan
  • 2014 Opened 9th Ramen Shop in Premium Outlet Karuizawa, Nagano
  • 2015 Opened 10th Ramen Shop in Growlia Outlet, Taiwan
  • 2016 December Opened 11th Ramen Shop in 101 Taiwan, Taiwan
  • 2017 February 27 Opened 12th Ramen Shop in Clairemont, San Diego, California USA
  • 2017 December Opened 13th Ramen Shop in Taiwan
  • 2017 San Diego’s Eater Awards Winners 2017
  • 2018 Eater Top 5 Ramen in the United States
  • 2018 Food Channel Andrew Zimmern’s Favorite Eats on the West Coast
  • 2018 October 26 Opened 14th Ramen Shop in Mira Mesa, San Diego, California
  • 2019/2020 City Beat Best Ramen Finalist
  • 2019/2020/2021 San Diego Reader Best Ramen Finalist
  • 2021 March Opened 15th Ramen Shop in Hillcrest, San Diego, California USA
  • 2021 San Diego Magazine Best Ramen
  • 2021 Michelin California Guide Michelin Plate
  • 2023 Summer, we will be open 16th Ramen Shop in UTC La jolla.

Media / News

5.4.2023 Mother's day special pre-order started! Click here to pre-order!
4.8.2023 Taste of Hillcrest Free Karaage at Hillcrest 12-4pm! Click here to read about Taste of Hillcrest
March hours Clairemont / Mira Mesa 11-2pm 5:30-9:30pm Sunday 5-9pm 7days open. Hillcrest 5-9:30pm Fri,Sat 5-10pm Tuesday closed. Click here to waitlist page
Holiday hours Clairemont, Mira Mesa 12/31 and 1/1 closed.12/2 open. Hillcrest 12/31 open, 1/1 and 1/2 closed. Click here to waitlist page
12.22,23,24.2022 Holiday Special pick up! schedule order only! Click here to orderonline page
12.10.2022 12/25 and 1/1 is closed at all locations. Hillcrest is closed on 12/26. Clairemont and Mira Mesa is open! Click here to waitlist page
11.6.2022 We will be changing open/close time 30 min early for winter at all locations.Click to waitlist page
11.3.2022 [Limited] Thanks Giving Holiday Special with free $10 gift card is out! Check on "SPECIAL" tabClick to waitlist page
11.1.2022 Hillcrest closed on Monday, Mira Mesa, Clairemont opens 7 days a week!Click to waitlist page
10.23.2022 Win a $10 gift card on Menya Ultra Haloween Contest! Submit by 10/23!Click here for more info
9.17.2022 Clairemont 7 days a week Open! Hillcrest is closed Sunday, Mira Mesa is closed on Tuesday. Click to waitlist page
8.2.2022 Yelp is down today. Please come walk-in or schedule order online. Sorry for your inconvinience. Click to order online page
7.17.2022 Hillcrest is on special hour opening 4-9pm. Click to Watilst page
7.13.22 and 7.14 lunch Mira Mesa is closed for building maintenaince. Clairemont and Hillcrest is open
7.4.22 We are closed at all locations! Have a happy holiday!
6.17-19.2022 Father's day To-go and Dine-in Specials! Click to Watilst page
5.14.2022 Hillcrest 1yr Anniversary! Free Sake Tasting from 5:30pm Click to Watilst page
5.6-8.2022 Mother's day special! Dine-in and Take-out! Pre-order only! Click to Watilst and Online order page
5.2-3.2022 Mira Mesa maintenance 5/2 11-2pm open dinner closed, 5/3 lunch closed 5:30-9:30pm
4.15.2022 Ajitama egg 50 cents off!! Hunt it at all locations! Click to Watilst and Online order page
4.12.2022 Original Miso and Hokkaido wheat are back!! Thank you for waiting. Click to Watilst and Online order page
4.1.2022 New Miso Ramen!! Limited edition until late shipments come. Click to Watilst and Online order page
3.27.2022 We have changed business hours at Mira Mesa to 11:30-2:30pm / 5:30pm-9:30pm (Last Order) Click to Watilst and Online order Page
3.14.2022 Hokkaido wheat is back! Thank you for your support!Click to Watilst and Online Page
3.5.2022 Hillcrest serves Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen now!Click to Watilst and Online Page
3.2.2022 Vote for Us!San Diego Magazine’s 2022 Best Restaurants Poll
3.1.2022 Due to late shipment, we are using wheat from Canada instead of Japan. Enjoy the different fresh noodles!Click to Watilst and Online Page
2.7.2022 Mira Mesa and Clairemont are open Monday! Click to Watilst and Online Page
2.6.2022 Mira Mesa is closed 2/6 due to neighbor accident. Please follow SNS for more informations.Click to Watilst and Online Page
2.3.2017 Eater San Diego The Hottest New Restaurants in San Diego, February 2022
2.1.2022 Reserve now! Valentine's Course reservation starts today! Check Click to Watilst and Online Page
1.31.2022 We will be open Monday at Clairemont and Mira Mesa again! Hillcrest is closed Monday. Click to Watilst and Online Page
1.18.2022 Thrillist 13 Essential Ramen Shops in San Diego to Warm You Up This Winter
1.13.2022 Eater San Diego Ramen Superstar Menya Ultra Heading to Westfield UTC
1.14.2022 We will be closed Monday at Clairemont and Hillcrest. Mira Mesa is open 7 days a week. Click to Watilst and Online Page
1.10-13.2022 New Year Special Kit!! Get a free $10 gift card with a purchase of home kit + karaage + beer package! Look for "New Year 2022" tab Limited 10/day Pre-order only
1.2.2022 Original Tonkotsu Shoyu and Hokkaido Wheat is back!! order online now!
12.29.2021 Fresh noodles with Hokkaido wheat is finally back!!!Limited 10/day Pre-order only
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This Japanese import, whose first shop was opened in Akita Prefecture before spawning numerous offshoots, has been a local hit since day one. The first stateside location, it is set in a Clairemont strip mall and yet attracts a crowd; two more recent spin-offs, in Mira Mesa and Hillcrest, are similarly popular... READ MORE

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